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Welcome to Melissa Knott Photography! I’m a lifestyle photographer that loves making women feel beautiful and confident in themselves through photographs. My mission is to celebrate the beauty of womanhood by photographing women in all stages of life and capturing their authentic, beautiful images to last a lifetime. We are all made in God's image, and I feel it is my purpose to help you see the beauty He has created you to be ♡

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Fall Farm Motherhood session – Hannah + Jaylyn

Let’s talk for a moment about beautiful people– and I’m not talking the exterior (although, this Momma is absolutely gorgeous to say the least!)… but I’m talking about inner beauty. Hannah comes from a family full of beautiful people– her sisters and her brothers all have such kind hearts, forgiving natures and compassion for others, always wanting to lend a hand to those in need! They were given many rare and wonderful qualities from their Mother. She was a true beauty inside and out, too; all of which she had learned from her Mother who had learned from her Mother! So, you see– those apples weren’t falling far from their trees! 😉

We, as Mothers, have the honor of instilling those same qualities and behaviors in our children. Sure, Motherhood can be scary as heck, and you may be constantly questioning and doubting yourself– but I’m right there with you, Momma!! And I’m sure there are others out there who would agree– we’re all doing the best we can, some days just wingin’ it! But ultimately, if you’re being the best version of yourself, showing your children how to love and be kind, you’re doing pretty darn good!

The most memorable thing I noticed during Hannah + Jaylyn’s session is the absolute undeniable love that she has for that little boy– it was effortless. And she had so much fun and patience with him as we explored the farm; she reminded me so much of her Mother ❤ This is one blessed little family, and I’m grateful to have documented a Season of when they have the gift of each other…

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